Trust In God and Not The World

The world will try to make you desperate.

It will blind you, but not in a good way. It will not blind you to fear, it will simply distract you from your shield that needs neither polish, fortification, or batteries.

“A Blind Man Fears No Snakes”

– Zatoichi

They do not want you to walk on faith, where our eyes are as useless as our intellect. As useless as our ego. And ultimately the sin of pride. It is the sin of the prince that he has attempted to inoculate us with since the time of the apple.

I have been realizing that there is another sin hidden within the worship of the world. And that is the sin of self. Of pride. of ego. the sins of the prince that could ever lie to the world enough to fool them into believing it is better to not focus on the fact that Christ is forever Victorious. Amen. Nothing else matters.

My path to Tore

I’m not good at dates. Most days my memory is Swiss cheese(US ARMY JABBs), but my state group, DJ, has focused every aspect of myself into a fine tuned instrument of the mission to save souls and to save domes.

How did I get here? I was three years old sitting with my mom and dad in Hoboken on Christmas watching the Disney Channel. That was my last holy memory. Ever after it was tainted or attempted to be tainted by the prince.

Pre k. Our lady of grace. When the the subs would come in, they would be the moms of the other kids. Of the girls. They would split us up and put the boys on one side, and make us put our heads down and turn out the lights on us. If we asked to goto the bathroom they would scream at us. One such day I decided to take my leave of the shadows and take a piss without permission, quite stealthily. I reached my goal and opened the door to what could only be described as two of the girls engaged in some censored activity.

I was so disgusted and horrified that I quickly sought my path amidst the shadows of neglect, rather than to be subjected to whatever foul business was afoot in the bathroom.

Fast Forward

Wiesbaden Germany

I’m a test measurement and diagnostic equipment maintenance specialist and I had been primarily stationed and worked out of Wiesbaden Army Airfield with my family.

2008 I’m about to ets to save my marriage (didn’t work). I discover loose change and bohemian Grove and appreciated aj guests but not so much aj and especially after he fired Millie Weaver (Heroine of the Ages).

But honestly even before that you could see that it was coming. He used to rail against Jarod kushner and always made comments about the 666 building he just had to buy, or his ginormous sway in the holy land. And then one day, poof No Jarrod great and then roger came in and was visible and then millie was fired and I discovered an oracle.

Her name is Tore. But whats in a name? even we, have gone through many changes of consciousness throughout the growth of the perception around us and inside of us.

but she so uriel ie so jaunty tor.

Every lesson she has put forth has more attuned me to the frequencies that before could only penetrate in blips or inundation. She has taught control and empowerment but above all God, and mercy and the gospel of truth, that redemption is possible for all, for if it is possible for a wretch like me, it is possible for all.

Dates come and go and shit ALWAYS HAPPENS, but 17 does not just come and go. It is constant. I don’t presume to know what it is, but right now I’m saying it’s the last xwing about to blow up the last mother fuckin death star. And apparently it’s ancient and transcends time. I love our girl. Love all that she is and stands for. I would share my food and my roof with her and her family and all the groups and I’d do anything and give anything to protect each and everyone of you.

Things started changing and I grew to learn the importance of intention and vibrancy and frequency and the connection to love and mercy and compassion and goodness.

I stumble. I howl at the moon. But I get up because of 2 things. One. Mission. Two. In my head I hear mickey saying ” Get up ya son of a bitch! cuz mickey luvs ya”.

Tore is Pandora or was or always will be and I and all my ancestors are eternally grateful to my sensei. I bow to thee and pledge my service to this mission always, even at the cost of my everything, I lay it all in the hands of God’s divine will.

I also get a kick out of



she’s in my name brooooo!

🤓God bless all and heal all. demons , we cancel all assigments you have in the blood of jesus. Amen.

Blessed are those who Mourn: Bible Study

Matthew 5:3-5
[3]Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
[4]Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.
[5]Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

note: “There is a reason for our grief. All that is happening will be to the glory of God.” – Miracle Maker(Animation)

the 3rd

by Héctor Rivera

On the 3rd day my sin was anger,

streams filled from sordid rains of a fire

you can smell in the air.

I step into folly

so abundantly

the prince always saying ‘see’ ?

you are like me,

designed flawed,

on purpose.

he whispers to me,

you ar⁰e but a sign post to warn others of 

error easily found .

but, how could the prince know,

that I have always felt worthless?

that only Jesus and my pack ,

who lick the tears off my eyes know to what


there he is,

the crazy one,

but the meek will inherit the earth

and I cry pain or poison out of me.

I tell myself again,


the meek will inherit the earth

and I repeat this into unconsciousness until

the day begins again.

and then,

a beautious voice says,

There is a purpose in our grief.

All that is happening

will be to the glory of God. Amen.

vision of hell

The Lord Jesus showed me many things today. I am 48 hours clean of the three major sins that had been killing me slowly for most of my life.

I feel different. I know that to turn back to my sin I turn to the vomit, like a dog( Proverbs 26:11).
or is it that I will turn into a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife? (Genesis 19:26) to go back, would attempt to steal power from the cross. no, there’s no going back and God is merciful and does not forget his children.

He has allowed me the strength, to fight on. Past the bloody hooks, past the dull scalpels, past the factory that would greet me with horrors as a youth, where rusty scissors castrated bound males. Nightmares that the prince used to send me, when I was a child.

So, the merciful lord blessed me with a vision of hell. I was on a boat of some sort, like a dingie, floating in the tumult of a volcanic sea. I would catch glimpses of people I loved in the cacophony. I would reach and grasp, and pull into the boat, but every time I did, I would catch fire and lose more of myself. I would stretch and lose substance, those in the boat were safe, but I was burning to death, immolating. But just as I could no longer stay in the boat from damage and weakness, He pulled me back. And another was chosen to pull those that he loved. a smoky husk is what was left of me, healing to fight again.

The Lord Jesus is the author of Goodness. From the least of it, to its most abundant. This goodness. The goodness and innocence of a child. Of the emperors of heaven. of the meek.

Matthew 18:3
[3]And said: amen I say to you, unless you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

I would gladly lose all of myself, if it could mean that ‘Mercy and Charity’ …Agape… were central, and they are, for the lord made it so, and to him I give myself fully, the author of justice, the author of peace.